New Sensations and The Future Can Wait ’14


Gavin Nolan

From Here to Eternity, Gavin Nolan, 2014, Oil on Canvas.

Joella Wheatley, Back to the drawing board, 2014

Back to the Drawing Board, Joella Wheatley, 2014, Oil, Acrylic, Pen on Canvas.

The Future Can Wait 2014

Melody 2014, Wendy Mayer, Vanity case, painted reborn doll parts, mohair, baby nightdress, music box movement. 28 x 36 x 26 cm

The Dance Clarie Partington

The Dance, Claire Partington, 2014, Earthenware, Tin Glaze, Enamel, Luster

Mr and Mrs Phillip Cath

The Awakening Conscience, Mr and Mrs Phillip Cath, 2014, Oil on Canvas

Air Heads, Emily Motto, 2014

Air Heads, Emily Motto, 2014, Rising dough and found objects

C.O.C.K, Oliver Clegg, 2014

C.O.C.K, Oliver Clegg, 2014 (how many cocks can you count?)

New Jersey, Sarah McGintity

New Jersey, Sarah McGinity, 2014, Oil on Canvas

 Untitled, David Sailva

Untitled, David Sailva, 2014, Beewax and Wood

Unknown Artist, The Future Can Wait 2014

Unknown Artist, The Future Can Wait 2014


Amicably sitting side by side once again is Saatchi’s New Sensations group exhibition, showcasing emerging talent, and The Future Can Wait with their select display of ‘mid-career’ artists.

It’s become a good pairing because you can see the development in artists’ work from those just starting out to the more established in the next room. Plus it’s interesting because inevitably a lot of artists that first show in New Sensations then exhibit with The Future Can Wait a few years later.

One thing that’s noticeable between the two exhibitions is the difference in approach to sculpture and installation. The TFCW’s has more refined, tongue-in-cheek artwork, but with this sacrifices a more playful approach to things. New Sensations displays a number of different large found-object arrangements and earthy land art style pieces. The sort of pieces that take influences from the late 70’s movement such as Woodrow and Long. The outstanding contribution comes from Daniel Silva who uses materials such as beeswax and found wooden items to create wholesome and effective compositions.

Another artist featured strongly in the NS show is Emily Motto whose clever use of playdoh and rising bread oozing slowly through porous materials in luminous colours creates ever changing, playful installations.

TFCW was exhibiting the surreal work of an Wendy Meyer who has made touchingly comic waxworks of new-born babies – they are so small they can fit in gravy boats, jewellery boxes and wine crates – referencing the work of Ron Mueck. 

Also showing was Claire Partington‘s incredibly fine ceramics depicting two Tudor ladies with detailed finery having a fight so violent it has drawn blood.

One more thing to ponder on. A macabre oil painting by Mr and Mrs Phillip Cath called The Awakening Conscience. Is this something to make us think twice about eating pigs? According to scientists a full grown pig has the mental age of a 1.5 year old, so is this a depiction of the pig’s awakening conscience as well as ours? Answers in the comment box please (or a postcard if you’d prefer).


New Sensations and The Future Can Wait are on until the 18th of October 2014

London . WC1B 4DA . UNITED KINGDOM . 11AM – 6PM



Another Alternative Art Fair….Free Art Fair ’08

Oooops missed one! Thank you Jasper Joffe for kindly pointing out another art fair definitely worth visiting.

The Free Art Fair, taking place on two streets near Marble Arch is a fair with a difference. Jasper has arranged it so all the art work gets given away free to visitors, the little people. The people who should be getting the art. Right on Jasper Joffe! And this is no small fry. Saatchi favorites such as Mathew Collins and Stella Vine plus others taken from over 50 emerging international artists exhibiting over the 7 days.


Artists Anonymous Centre of Attention Matthew Collings Jimmy Conway-Dyer Sacha Craddock Stuart Cumberland Adam Dant Stephen Farthing Rose Gibbs Luke Gottelier Alex Hamilton Peter Harris Pablo Helguera Saron Hughes Lee Johnson Sayshun Jay James Jessop Chantal Joffe Jasper Joffe Peter Lamb Cathy Lomax Amanda Loomes Marta Marce Bruce McLean Alex Gene Morrison Stephen Nelson House of O’Dwyer Harry Pye Danny Rolph Martin Sexton Bob & Roberta Smith Terry Smith Geraldine Swayne Chris Tosic Gavin Turk Markus Vater Stella Vine Michael Ward Douglas White Charlie Woolley

With performances by: Laura Wilson Frog Morris Lee Campbell Mark Dean Quinn Dora Wade Adrian Lee Jenny Baines Rebecca Birch Kate Hawkins Jordan McKenzie Charlotte Young Victoria Melody Alex Staiger Peter Bond Sarah Turner Daniel Lehan

13th-19th October

14, 19, 21 New Quebec Street and 5, 8, 16 Seymour Place
Portman Village, London W1H

nearest tubes: Marble Arch and Edgware Road

Open Monday to Sunday 11am till 6pm