Ruben Sutherland

Memories of Hackney WickED 09

Another year another wicked show set up by Hackney’s huge community of artists. A maze of artist’s studios and exhibitions opened up all over ‘the Wick’ accompanied by lots of fun and frolicking.

Friday was opening night with galleries getting fiesta-like and Saturday saw a veritable array of live bands for the street party. Sunday was more chilled however you could stumble across the odd accordion or banjos being played if you were looking in the right places. Take a look at the photos.

(Some photos taken by Art Sleuth’s most excellent chum Louis Mustill – photographer extraordinaire)

 Hackney Wicked 09:

Boat race, Hackney Wicked 09band2Hackney Wicked 09, roof band

on White Hart Lane

Painting the town multi coloured – art in the street, White Hart Lane, Hackney Wick.

Ruben Sutherland, Sculpture 

Ruben Sutherland, from ‘Sculpture’. See live show 27th August at Brixton Dogstar.

Hackney WickED 09Hackny Wicked 09

 'Village' By Jakob Brondum, A12 Gallery

Village by Jakob Brondum, A12 Gallery

'Simper', Emma Barrow, A12 Gallery

Simper by Emma Barrow, A12 Gallery (Cardboard, resin, spraypaint)

Blue Ocean, Greg Coz, A12 Gallery

Blue Ocean by Greg Cox, A12 Gallery

 A12 Gallery, Present in Spirit exhibition

Taken from the Present in Spirit Exhibition, A12 Gallery

Mark WebbMark Webb

The perils of red wine …Untitled by Mark Webb

Stuart Pearson WrightStuart Pearson Wright 2Stuart Pearson Wright 4 

Stuart Pearson Wright; on an adventure in paint.

 Joseph Loughborough, a working progress in studio

Joseph Loughborough; working progress in studio.

 Unititled, Beth Louise Walker

 Barometer style collage by Beth Louise Walker