Dystopolis: The Awakening, Dogboy solo show at Stour Space






Once upon a time on an imagined weird alien planet not so dissimilar from our own, stories play out in incredibly detailed hallucinogenic landscapes.

Some scenes are about the daily grind; like commuting about town, taking your gimp for a walk, underground factory slaves toiling while the tube rattles by, scientists performing weird experiments surrounded by odd gadgets and multicoloured tentacles, and some serious space mining business on a stellar surface.

Other scenes delve into the underbelly of these Crang-like being’s debaucherous recreational pursuits.

There are bars where unanimous projectile vomiting is the thing to do, wild rock concerts, trippy raves, lavish house parties and chillaxing in the pool in some tropical space-scape while a robot-head-hoover-thing brings you cocktails.

As possibly callous as their society might be, they do know how to party, that’s for sure.

There’s something a little of the ancient Roman, Mayan or Egyptian about these folks with their odd rituals and lives. And there are odd symbols everywhere, tongues and tentacles, clouds and bums.

A section of this exhibition shows single characters, fleshing out the details of some of the more notorious figures of this world. The more you look, the more you find in this works. It’s like peeling a psychedelic onion; a sci-fi novel ‘with your eyes’ if you will.

One of the pieces (not shown in the images above) is a huge graphite sketch scene split into a tryptic. It re-imagines the beautiful madness of Hieronymus Bosch’s heaven and hell and other similar works.

You can see the bond between some of art history’s heavyweights in the macabre and the surreal (for instance Goya) in what Dogboy has produced in this collection.

Get down to Stour Space and check this out till October 2nd 2016, 9am-5pm daily

(Stour Space also has a really nice cafe where you can sit by the canal front and mull over the increasingly dire fate that has befallen Hackney Wick… but thats another blog…coming soon).



Le Gun – ‘The Family Exhibition’

The brilliant art collective ‘Le Gun’ has opened up their world for one week only (so get down there sharpish!) to celebrate the release of their 4th illustration led magazine. In an old Shoreditch school, not far from their workshop within SPACE studios (as one of many collectives and individuals that SPACE support), they have created a three-part spectacle of illustration and installation.

A salon style hanging on the first few walls gives an overview of the paintings and drawings of the separate Le Gun artists and their encompassing mind-blowing surrealist style.

The next section is a set of huge, some 10 meter long, ‘murals’ (in search of a better word). The collaborative artists have put their black pens to white canvas to create an unruly narrative. Crocodiles with cigarettes in their mouths, London scenes mixed in with jungle scenes, seascapes, drunken people, all are illustrated in the most incredible detail and with grim humour.

Climb through a cardboard door cut into a blank wall and you have entered the arts club made entirely out of cardboard. Walls, ceiling and floors, a mini grand piano, arm chairs, lamps, book-shelves EVERTHING! All illustrated by the collective in black marker pens, down to rugs and wooden floorboards. So cosy, and yet so cardboard!

This exhibition includes events that run each evening. Short films curated by the Independent Cinema Office, music nights including Strangeworks performance collective, and Soup session hosted by Jessica Antwi-Boasiako which is apparently ‘a cooking up of people, word artists and vegetables’, are just some of the goings on.

Last night a merry band of mistrals with trumpets led the parade from the opening to the after party in Cargo, so who knows what crazy goings-on to expect for the next week.

Possibly check the website I would imagine:

Don’t miss this! You will regret it!

More pics coming. Hopefully of the cardboard paradise!

27th of Aug till 1 week later
Club row, Rochelle School,
Arnold Circus
E2 7ES