Bedroom Artists’ Debut Show, Hive Dalston


From long term blogger on the London art scene to doing something about it…Art Sleuth has become part of the action.

We’re organising a group show with 36 emerging artists. Each of the artists works without a studio, has no gallery representation and most have no way of exhibiting alone. But together, it turns out, we can.

With the help of Hive Dalston – a place with a special bond to the Bedroom Artists’ cause as a not-for-profit organisation hell bent on helping emerging artists in anyway it can – we have been able to put on an enormous exhibition covering everything from painting, illustration, sculpture, live art, instillation, sound-video art and street art.

We’ll also be putting on workshops through out the weekend including an amazing Urban Boxes Workshop, by Flora Malpas exploring the idea of urban regeneration through creating buildings out of recycled packaging such as cardboard boxes and plastic bottles. And another workshop which will be a tour and discovery of the works by Cedoux Kadima.

Artists will be using the space to create art throughout the weekend, and we’re hoping some collaborations will take place between the artists.

Viva the Collective!

Photos and review of the exhibition to come…



Private View opening night Friday 6.30 pm – 11pm,
Weekend day time Sat 12 – 6, Sun 12- 6,





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