Art 13, the new London art fair

Last night we attended the opening of the newest international art fair in town, Art 13, to great fanfare and free wine no less (sadly no canapes!). A notable element to the fair was the strong presence of Chinese art and galleries. The quality of the works shown was of a high standard, in fact, we can report that finally the Frieze Art Fair has got some healthy competition. Judging from the works on display Painting is still in the ascendancy within the contemporary art scene.

Lu Song, The City It Wakes For Me, 2011, Oil On Canvas, 140 x 200 cm – Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin.

Lu Song, The City It Wakes For Me, 2011, Oil On Canvas

Yin Xiuzhen, Portable City: Madrid, 2012, suitcase, word clothing, sound – installation, 100 x 151 x 87 – Alexander Ochs Galleries, Berlin.

Yin Xiuzhen, Portable City: Madrid, 2012

Eric Chan, Hitchcock’s Love Affair with Abstract Expressionism, 2013, Taxidermy crows and cast metal.

Eric Chan, Hitchcock's Love Affair with Abstract Expressionism, 2013

Xue Feng, Background 21, 2012, Oil on Canvas, 160 x 200 cm – Boers- Li Gallery, China.

Xue Feng, Background 21, 2012

Detail from Background 21

Background 21,

Ony of the most innovative art projects at the fair, Federic Solmi has created a Fifteen-panel video installation. He has created over half an hour running time of a hand-drawn animated video game called ‘Douche Bag City’, which says a lot for the video game industry in general. It follows the adventures of a Wall Street Broker, Dick Richman, who ends up being killed in each mission by some sort of monster or giant insect. ‘A satire of the capitalist world immersed in economic crisis’. – Jerome Zodo Gallery

Federico Solmi, Douche Bag City 2010

Federic Solmi, Douche Bag City

There was a Performance Booth, where participartors where winding copper threads around objects….

Performance Booth, Art 13

The printing arm of Lazarides Gallery – The Outsiders – was giving away free prints:

TheOutsiders, Lazerides, Free Art

Lazarides itself had the most impressive space at the fair complete with grimey brick walls, a fire place, empty pizza boxes and general, intentional? mess.

Lazarides Stand at Art 13 Lazarides Stand at Art 13

Conor Harrington, Lazarides

Ednor Harrington, Lazeride

Installations are situated around the fair. Roelof Louw‘s Soul City (Pyramid of Oranges) consists of 6000 oranges. Visitors are encouraged to take the oranges thus constantly redefining the shape of the sculpture. – Inspiration was from fruit markets.

oul City (Pyramid of Oranges)

Paul Davies, Bridges and Palms, 2012, Acrylic on linen – The Fine Art Society

Paul Davies, Bridges and Palms, 2012

Zhu Jinshi, Boat, 2012. Installation at Art 13.

Zhu Jinshi, Boat

Lee Jaeyho, Untitled, Wood (chestnut) – Albermarle Gallery.

Lee Jaeyho, Albermarle Gallery



  1. I just love the creativity behind these pieces!

    My favorites were Roelof Louw‘s Soul City and Lee Jaeyho’s Wood, both stirring and using everyday objects.

    London provides such a vivid and experimental art scene that I feel just lucky to live in such a city!

  2. Some interesting artwork on display, does anyone know of art fair based around photographic art? I run an online art gallery that focuses on my London photography and I am really interested in getting more involved with London art fair’s and displays.

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