Condensation – Group Show at Danielle Arnaud Gallery SE1

This exhibition, showing last month at the Danielle Arnaud Gallery, was set over two floors within this beautiful Georgian house in Kennington. The works were mainly made for the exhibition, and the domestic, sentimental and chintzy focus to these pieces creates a sympathetic dialogue with the period features of the surroundings.

A major theme to this show is the portrayal of the human form such as Jonathan Baldock’s Henry Moore-inspired felt sculptures and Sarah Gillham‘s arrangements of delicate ornaments, antique mirrors, floral fabrics and items from a ladies’ boudoir.

Arranged in seamless affinity with the surroundings, the delicate miniature sculptures of Annie Attridge are inspired by 18th century porcelain that would have adorned the marble mantlepieces in houses such as this one.

Used paper cups are the canvas of choice for Paul Westcombe who started illustrating them to relieve the boredom of night shifts as a car park attendant. His detailed cartoons delve into a sci-fi world of death and destruction. Similarly Mindy Lee uses paper plates. What looks like the leftovers of a tea party are on closer inspection religious deities, appearing out of a jumble of acrylic paint and mixed media, such as iced gems. Set on a long table, the installation alludes to the Last Supper.

Anthea Hamilton (Leg Chair 2010), Jonathan Baldock Reclining Figure (2010)


Jonathan Baldock


Sarah Gillham I think I might be drowning (2009), fabric, mirrors, collage, bell jar & glass salt cellars


Annie Attridge, porcelain scupltures


Mindy Lee, individual paper plates from Have your cake and eat it (2010)


Paul Westcombe, series In the morning, in the shower, I saw the shit run down your leg (2010)

Eri Itoi, drawings




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