Jasper and Harry’s Tate Modern

What is the most fun an artist could have? Painting a whole exhibition of your own version of famous works has got be a good one. And so in probably the ‘poshest’ dry cleaners in the whole of London, Jasper Joffe and Harry Pye have exhibited the cream of the Tate Modern collection recreated in their own special way.

Neither artist is known for taking themselves too seriously; this exhibition is a gentle pastiche, without being disgustingly ironic either. From Picasso to Gilbert and George, Matisse to Freud, and a hilarious Dali rework they’ve got them all. And you can get your coat dry cleaned while you wait.

Jasper Joffe: “I like to multitask, so the dry cleaning element of our Tate Modern is really handy.”

Jasper Guerilla Girls Currin

Harry Basquiat


Jasper Mondrian, Jasper Noland and Harry Olitski

 Thanks to Marek Borysiewicz, www.bor2bcreative.com, for the photos.

 Till 3rd of January 2011

Unit 24 gallery


24 Great Guildford Street (behind Tate Modern)

SE1 0ED London

Admission Free



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