The opening of the …..


After a year spent staging pop up events in temporary locations,  the Lava Collective  have a gallery of  their own. Following the success of the Ashes 57 show in October, Kingly Court is going to be their first permanent art space. They’ll be selling originals and prints from an international network of artists. Their be a base from which to co-ordinate a new series of pop up shows in vacant shops throughout the Soho area.

The grand opening of the LAVA Gallery is on Saturday 4th December. Barefoot Wine have kindly offered to sponsor the occasion, so stop by anytime from 2pm onwards to enjoy a glass or two.The opening show will feature artwork by; Ashes 57, Bruno 9li, Jo Peel, Stik, Neck Face, Swoon, Vhils, Cleon Peterson and Kill Pixie.

LAVA Gallery, 1.11 Kingly Court, Carnaby Street, London, W1B 5PW
Open Daily, 11am-7pm. Sunday: 12pm-6pm
Grand Opening: Saturday, 4th December 2pm onward

Shout out to artists: The Lava Gallery is taking submissions from artists who wish to have their work shown. If you want your work to be considered, please send pictures & info to:


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