Frieze Art Fair 2010

As you should really use Frieze as a yard stick, to some degree, as to what the state of art is right now – because let’s face it, it attracts the top galleries who show their top artists – you could say that this year skilled works of art with substance (stop me if I am getting too conventional) is overriding sensationalism and one-trick-ponies. Maybe people are finally getting bored of easily made, but incredibly expensive work, that means nothing.

As a friend pointed out, less of those meaningless pieces with just a load of writing that doesn’t actually make any sense that you took the time to read and came away feeling cheated of those valuable seconds (so-post-modern). Work with a craft element made a strong appearance too.

The featured sculpture display this year was less showy too. No really? An ancient Roman city being discovered under the marquee just in time for Frieze? It all seemed to fit together with a more thoughtful approach to art.

As for people-watching, which is most important at these things, when Art Sleuth bundled along on the Saturday there were a few crazy individuals including one lady who has won several awards for maiming soft toys in the name of fashion. The runner up was a Japanese tourist with headwear from an alternative solar system (see photos below). Also spotted was the one from The Pet Shop Boys with the grey hair muttering something like “yes it’s definitely got something” while looking at … incredible painting. (see his work below).

Also spotted, many, many, ‘individuals’ who have taken this video far too seriously. We wish them every future happiness with their sockless loafers.

John Bock, German artist, for Anton Kern Gallery, 2010.

Ryan gander, Samson’s push or arrangement with table and chairs, 2010

Andreas Schulze, Untitled (Portofino camping) 2007

….More photos to come …….


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