Save AREA 10

Area 10


” With the help of these young artists Peckham is pulling itself up by the bootstraps please do not knock it on the head and force it back into the A downtrodden and pitiful place. Area 10 is a vital part of the transformation of Peckham from disadvantaged ghetto to the creative engine of a re-imagined London. The offering of a facility that allows a wide range of artistic expression within a socially embedded space is a great catalist for trasformation and Peckham is becoming well known as a place of art and artists.”

Anthony Gormley, 2010

The Save Area10 Campaign is to try to stop Southwark Council’s plans to close the much loved arts organisation, Area10, Eagle Wharf, Peckham. Area10 has specialised in bring ambitious and worthwhile events and projects based in Fine Arts, Perforative Arts, Circus, and Theatre for the last eight years, and is the bed rock of South East London’s artistic community. Please see for details and testimonials. Noteworthy supporters include Anthony Gormley, Gavin Turk, South London Gallery, Cedar Lewisohn (Curator of Rude Britannia at Tate Britain) and Matthew Stone, as news continues travel, more and more people in all areas of the world are coming forward to show the support and solidarity for the importance of Area10 within our Culture.

**Save Area10 Picket Party**Saturday 10th July**10pm – 3am**

 A party where all visitors, instead of paying, will be bringing signs, banners, slogans and placards supporting and celebrating the Save Area10 Campaign and the importance of Independent Arts in London. Dancing all night whilst protesting. 

Acts to play in kind are: Girl Unit b2b Mr Charisma (Night Slugs)/ Off Modern Djs/ My Panda Shall Fly / Legendary Children / Dollop Djs / Blaise Bellville / Throwing Snow & Amenta / Chairman Kato / Young Montana? / LuckyPDF Djs / Pat And Trevor Djs / Jeraine / Rough Trade Djs

Save Area10 Party Facebook Event


Bob and Roberta Smith, who have donated their ʻMake Art, Not Warʼ placard to help inspire others to make supportive banners.

South London Gallery

Matthew Stone (Artist/Shaman)

Cedar Lewisohn (Curator of Rude Britannia at Tate Britain)

Melanie Jackson (Head of Sculpture at Slade School of Art)

Matt Franks (Head of Sculpture at Camberwell College of Art)

House of Fairy Tales

Kate Morross (designer)

Hannah Barry Gallery

Save Area10 Facebook Group



  1. it’s sad to see them moving out. the council have been… unreasonable about the whole situation and now peckham gets another supermarket or some posh flats 😦

    still hopefully from the ashes will rise something new and more exciting. there were some hints being dropped that they were in talks.

    the space will be greatly missed still.


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