Automatic Shoes, Danny Rolph solo exhibition.

N.Chamberlain, Danny Rolph, Mixed media on triplewall, 105 x 100 cm, 2009

Ramsay MacDonald, Danny Rolph, Mixed media on triplewall, 150 x 210 cm, 2009

PMQ 12, Danny Rolph, 2009, Pencil on paper. 28 x 38 cm

Images courtesy the artist, Danny Rolph, and Poppy Sebire Gallery.

Danny Rolph creates striking multi layered collage paintings using a top layer of triplewall – an industrial plastic roofing material made of clear perspex strips – stuck over a base canvas. He paints over and under and on both sides of each layer, often using cuttings from newspapers or consumer items and varying types of paint. Four of his large peices are exhibited at Poppy Sebire‘s latest exhibition and some smaller canvas paintings and drawings.

His main works are less about a meaning and more about the act of ‘doing’. He said in an interview (see link) he performs a ‘non deliberate act of painting’ using materials for the sake of themselves, an aesthetic experiment rather than to convey a purposeful message. Although it is an abstract way of ‘doing’ the finished product is almost a contradiction to this in its’ sharp composition and graphic design style outcome. There are consistencies with his work and other contemporary painters such as Fiona Rae and Jamie Gili not least in form and the use of luminous bright colours.

An interesting side effect is that a photo of the work looks very different to the real thing, the reduction of detail giving a polished feel. The rawness of the actual works reference that time warn Modern Art underpinning, the use of the banal object, going back to artists like Kurt Schwitters. Here a building material is being used, in part, to create what is essentially a fine art painting. The lines of the triplewall prevent total clarity of the layers and patterns underneath. Although the viewer is being exposed to each layer, they are also being held back from seeing ‘the whole picture’. Printed material from an everyday existence, some or perhaps all personal, are stuck between the layers, partially visible. Flyers from old exhibitions, an old photo of himself, pages from The Power Rangers colouring-in books, newspaper cuttings of transport, bits of vinyl records are combined to create a scrap book effect, an embalmed time capsule. Without a clear message or purpose he has created what is a jumbled woven fabric of art and information, the random paper items and paint forms giving an individual make up, a sort of DNA, for each painting.

Exhibition on till the 20th of February


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