Grifters, Group Show at Lazarides

A cutting edge attitude to their selection of artists has done Lazarides proud and a testament to this is their excellent group show Grifters exhibiting the Outsider artists at Rathbone Place on till the 16th of Jan.

As an exhibition running alongside street sculptures and paintings put up around London in December, it is a mixture of installation, taxidermy, street art, painting and photography with a witty, fashionable and a distinctly urban feel.

Highlights include Mark Jenkins, The Metro Newspaper’s flavour of the month, who has produced a chilling horror/The Matrix movie style moment in sculpture with eerily real looking bodies mummified in cling-film pods suspended from the ceiling. Invader has created a Dan Flavin space invader light show and Emma Tooth has given the Madonna and Child a Croydon Town make-over.

Door With Tits by Charlie Isoe is a tongue-in-cheek Surrealist installation – a testament to a tortured writer perhaps. Behind a door with fake boobs guarded by a porcelain jaguar with it’s face smashed in, is a chair and desk with typewriter rigged up to a shotgun directly over it – pull the string tied to the trigger in-case of writer’s block.  He seems to be going through a Francis Bacon phase with his dark and moody canvases upstairs.

David Choe is displaying two huge paintings in his typical street art style – combining oil, house paint, spray paint and ink to create a multi layered quilt of pattern and images.

Do not forget to pay attention to the corridors of the two floor exhibition where a large and intricate black and white wall piece has been created by Lucy McLauchlan.

There are many more artists besides, one not to miss!


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