Tate the Biscuit, group show in Shoreditch Town Hall Basement

Covering practically every inch of the rabbit warren like space that is the Shoreditch Town Hall basement, the East End Arts Club put on a varied exhibition displaying a huge array of street art, graphic design led art and work from illustrators.

Including Dan Kirchener’s and Jane Grosvener’s stylised paintings, the manipulated images of Julien Deghy and Kevin Green and Ned Scott’s wooden wall sculptures, sketches and plans. Also Ting Ting Cheng’s astute modern adaptations of traditional paintings; still life fruit and veg with a difference – a Louis Vitton banana and Nike cucumber – and Posh spice playing the role of Queen Victoria in a regal scene attended by Boris Johnson and Simon Cowell.

In a corner by the bar was spotted Amy Hye Jung Shin’s conceptual forest of stitched faces and doll sculptures that had a certain Ernesto David about them.

Dark winding corridors and pokey rooms were perfect for creating enclosed spaces for artists such as Elod Beregszaszi who has lit up his paper creations in UV light. Just from folding and cutting single pieces of plain A4 without any wastage he has made hundreds of patterns and models (photo to come). Taking advantage of the site too were the Kuntists who had created an Emporium of humorous bad-taste. Telling it how is really is Jordan, Peter Andre, Amy Winehouse, Gary Glitter and Nick Griffin were among the condemned in over-painted photos, cartoon paintings and newspaper front pages.

Look out for the next event at http://www.eastendartsclub.co.uk/


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