Architectural doubts

Recently Art Sleuth was invited along to the grand opening of a permanent site specific work called Full Circle for Art on the Underground created for the new Piccadilly line concourse as part of the extension to the King Cross St Pancras Underground station. The excitement built as we walked through the open barriers and travelled down two long and shiny new elevators. Eventually we came to the piece itself.
It was a grey wall – with a semi-circular grey panel arranged on top of it.

In fact it was such a similar colour grey to the rest of the station and situated exactly where you might find a wall that if there had not been a crowd of people around it you could have been mistaken in thinking that it was the work of an over-zealous architect using up the few remaining grey panels with a bit of flair. Or perhaps more likely you could walk past it, being cut up by a slow moving tourist cursing the tube you just missed without giving it a second glance. The most excellently named Knut Henrik Henriksen has created an artwork which according to the leaflet is “incognito, yet elegantly obvious”. It will be less elegant in a few years when the heartless general public have stuck bits on chewing gum down the sides of it.

The leaflet also has an example of a previous work by Knut Henrik Henriksen. The aptly named Architectural Doubts is a partition in a hall making one room into two. Surely this is what you would employ a builder to do if you wished to divide a room? You too would be having ‘architectural doubts’ if it was divided by a wall of what looks like laminate flooring. With no door. A case of The Emperors’ New Clothes or work by a genius?


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