Nettie Horn and other East London group shows…..


R.Leventon,Somewhere a door slammed1,2009

Pop along to the group show at Nettie Horn to see the likes of Emma Mcnally who has created large scale paper-on-pencil works of ‘geometric calamity’. With the use of protractors and compasses she has created a cosmic mapping system which displaces the notion of scientific diagrams for artistic purposes. Good use of your typical school maths stationary.

Also in this show Rosie Levington’s tower block of over 2000 novels, such classics as Jilly Cooper are used as building bricks. Her sculptures are made from recyclable material. In the past she has cut the shape of a B52 into woods see:

Abigail Reynolds uses photos from retro London tourist guides which are partly dismantled and re-structured into triangular compositions.  Perhaps reflecting the way memories get reordered at time goes on.

Gordon Cheung also makes an appearance with one of his signature creations using a rainbow of mixed-medium-paint on a background of stock-listings newspaper. This one is a gorgeous piece, created in admiration of Le Corbusier’s masterpiece of modern living.

Just finished was the The Sensationisnt exhibition at the Empire Gallery down the road, a 3D wonderland. 3D specs were issued at the door. Paint by numbers and twister just some of the activities provided!

Close by Monika Bobinska is exhibiting a group show called Mill concentrating on works on paper, akin to Nettie Horn, but perhaps just a coincidence. A mixed bag of an exhibition, highlights include art on paper cups and a sketch of a Henry Moore sculpture military tank. A good idea on paper needs to get along to these exhibitions!

Other exhibitions to see:

are Fred gallery: 2 x 2: Renie Spoelstra /Juliette Losq /Nina Bovasso/ Tatyana Gubash.

And coming up; Stolenspace’s Group Show 09, looks like a large one in the Old Truman Breweries, private view July 2nd.




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