Hollywood In Cambodia Gallery, Buenos Aires.

Walking along the backstreets of Bs As equivalent to the Kings Road the Barrio Palermo, the last thing you would expect to find is a bar totally covered from wall to ceiling in stencil art. Over 1,600 stencils apparently. And at the back of this fantastic drinking den, a gallery full of contemporary and urban art. Unfortunately it seemed that on a Friday night when the main bars are packed with preened young Argenians, checking out each other´s dress-sense, ´´Claro!´´, this bar is not as popular.

If only this was a bar in East London. It would be totally over run with skinny jeaned Londoners.

Started in 2006 by The Run Don´t Walk collective the art both ín the bar (named Post Street Bar) and the gallery (Hollywood in Cambodia) are totally on par with London´s urban art scene. You get the sense that Street Art truely is a worldwide phenomenom. Take a look at some of the permanent collection in my photos. Nice use of a electrical box and car bonnet (Gavin Turk at Vauxhall Car Boot Sale similarities) some real nice peices.

The HIC gallery also runs a program of temporary exhibitions in it´s top rooms. Tirame de la lengua or ´Pulling of the Tounge´ is this bimonthly show by German born, now living in Spain, Sam3. The works are linear drawings on paper, suggesitvely trippy and sexual in feel. Like graphic designs on 70´s album covers. It has a more feminine, gentle feel in contrast to the surrounding street art. You can´t totally get away from the terratorial element even in this off-shoot of graffiti, however far removed.

Also check out the photo of the dude who runs the show. He is totally committed to the Bs As scene and up for any wanted stencil feind to come and ´renovate´ a section of his bar. That is if you can find any room left.

One final point, it is damn hard to take photos of any gallery art in Bs As without the owner forcing you practically at gunpoint to delete the photos. Sluething is hard work. So thank you for the permission HIC!



PostStreetBar-Buenos Aires3

PostStreetBar_Buenos Aires


Sam3-Tirame De La Lengua Exhibiton

Sam3- Tirane De La Lengua Exhibition


Hollywood In Cambodia Gallery, Buenos Aires

Hollywood In Cambodia Gallery-Buenos Aires2

HIC Gallery - Buenos Aires

HIC Gallery- Buenos Aires4

HIC Gally , Buenos Aires 5



  1. hola gente, cómo es que se llama el ceramista, juchio o álgo así? y la exposición? es que estoy describiendo en mi faisbuc. Un gusto conocerles a todos y les veo el martes!

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