5 Storey Projects, group show ‘Matter of Time’

Paul Mart , The Bastard Children of Skill, 5 Storey Projects

Elisabetta Alazraki , Connecting elements between beam and a tire (oscillating devices), 5 Story Projects

Alastalir Levy, 5 Storey Projects

Supernatural, 5 Storey Projects

Phil Smiley, 5 Storey Projects

Big up the part crew!

Last photo – artwork predating the 5 Storey takeover you would suspect.

5 Storey Projects, has concentrated mainly on two things, site-specific installation, something old dilapidated warehouses lend themselves too very nicely and art which reflects some type of ’critical sculptural aesthetic’.
By this rather loose and also poncey term I cobbled together I mean a lot of geometric based stuff. Wooden inlaid sculpture based around circles and lines by Paul Mart, glitter on the floor to mark out unfinished rectangles like a tennis court gone wrong, parts of the parquet flooring painted in by Alastair Levy.
The site-specific art came in all shapes. Such as the three coloured tyre swings, by Elisabetta Alazraki hanging from one of the iron girders in the ceiling. Unfortunately they broke when people used them. No so Turbine Hall then, however the artist did point out that they were for art purposes only and would not take responsibly for people’s safety. Fair play, I guess she’s no swing technician.
Supernatural,’ 2008 by Kim Coleman, Haroon Mirza and Jenny Hogarth, created an effective use of the space, with a dark room lighted at each end by projectors moving slowly through changing blue hues in circular patterns, accompanied by sound of radio interference. Kinda spooky.
Phil Smiley, used found tyres and palettes and clay pigeons. Splattered white paint from the birds onto the makeshift base, links the objects together. A comment on London perhaps, animals, humans intertwined with the environment around them. Possibly.
Sculptural ‘comment’ also, in the form of white plinth boxes, usually used as the stand for sculpture with painting things left around them as if forgotten, perhaps conveying displacement? IS art really ever finished? The eternal and perhaps wasted question ‘What IS art?” etc. etc.
The space is probably the most impressive thing about this show, and you can tell the artists have worked to incorporate their respect for the building and its history (built during the industrial revolution) perhaps more profound as it will be demolished shortly.
Nice to see tags on the walls too. A good indication the factory building had another use since its’ ‘official’ closure ……

9th-18th of December 12-6pm, Free entry
James Taylor Gallery,
Collent Street (off Well Street)
E9 6SQ

Elisabetta Alazraki | Craig Andrews | Cecile Azoulay | Jacqueline Bebb | Clive A Brandon | Bianca Brunner | Kim Coleman & Jenny Hogarth in collaboration with Haroon Mirza | David Raymond Conroy | Kathryn Ferguson | Jesús Jiménez | Alastair Levy | PaulMart | Phil Smiley | Sunshine Republic | They are Here | Adam Thomas |

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