Concrete and Glass opening night

At Heart of Glass exhibiton (all images Francis Ware, courtesy of the artist.)

Richard Bullock Everything’s Not Going To Be OK 2008 Wood, wax, acrylic, animal remains 11 x 2.5 x 2.2 m

Alistair McClymont The Limitations of Logic & the Absence of Absolute Certainty 2008
Fans, humidifier, scaffolding 300 x 200 x 230 cm

Adam King Curiositas (Cave of Terror) 2008  Mixed media  Dimensions variable

Orlando Mostyn Owen Cerberus 2008 Mixed media Panel 200 x 250 cm, installation variable dims. (Look through the bears eyes if you dare…….!)

Rebecca Nassauer’s installation room in Cordy House. Some Way Home

last photo by Matthew Brindle for Beach Blanket Babylon, Shoreditch

Heart of Glass is set in the maze of dark hidden basement rooms in Shoreditch town hall, had a queue going round the block last night, and for good reason. It is an ideal environment for installation-based shows and this one showing 33 progressive artists’ work is a must see. Alistair McClymont created a mini cyclone from fans, scaffolding and a humidifier, Kate Terry had used a room to attach fine threads crossing diagonally from ceiling to floor, Adam King hung the weird and wonderful ‘Cuirositas (Cave of Terror)’ structures made from plastic household items and mutli-coloured patterns. Everything from the taxidermy of Polly Morgan to a forest of trees and wax created by Richard Bullock has made this exhibition an incredible experience. Be prepared for the disturbingly creepy Cerberus by Orlando Mostyn Owen. All in all an exploration into the darker side of art.

The Saatchi Online opening was buzzing with the likes of Russell Brand mincing around the show and a man with a certain similarity to Russell dressed in a long black robe, white mask and huge black hair. Just a coincidence I suspect.

Highlights from the show included Murizio Anzeri’s Late at Night. Real hair has been sculpted into a faceless ethereal being. Also by Anzeri are old 50’s family portraits, sewn into with ‘spyrograph’ patterns leaving isolated bits of the face, an eye or a mouth. Elements in these works echo the Chapman Brothers’ defacing of old Victorian portraits.

Sarah Douglas
, explored personal subject matter through her subdued pastel paintings with stylistically blurred figures and domestic settings.

Sam Zealy melded art with science in his installation made from two huge magnets attached to posts by wire raised horizontally so that at least an inch of pure air separated the two in the middle.
Continuing to support up and coming artists through the Saatchi Online program, this exhibition shows the promising potential of these young artists.

On Curtain Rd I stumbled upon Rebecca Nassauer’s installation room in Cordy House. Some Way Home is a floor structure of circular lamps connected by wires with mini cities made out of thin plastics on top. Concerned with the placements of refugees and their precarious journeys, this structure seems to expand on Mona Hatoum’s Undercurrent, 2004 made from electrical wire and light blubs. Binoculars are provided to view each, which puts a physical distance between the viewer and the object, perhaps suggesting our own mental detachment as UK citizens to the plight of refugees.

Favella Descending at Village Underground is a film installation made up of huge screens facing around a central viewing point. As the name suggests you are taken through favellas with each screen showing a different perspective on the architecture and people that make up the Mineira in Rio, one of the most dangerous and poverty stricken favellas.

Concrete and Glass art exhibitions continues free from Saturday onwards for around a month. This is just a selection of exhibitions from 35 open galleries.



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